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The Marine Specialists Boat Surveys


Prepurchase, Insurance, and Damage Inspections. Fast friendly service and comprehensive reports.  Power Boats, Motor Yachts, Sailboats, House Boats, Wake Boats, Center Consoles, Duel Consoles, Bass Boats, Ski Boats, Wooden Hulls, Fiberglass Hulls, Aluminum Hulls, and Steel Hulls.



 This survey is usually conducted for current owners in need of providing updated information to their insurance providers. 

boat survey fixed fire system Damage survey


 This survey is conducted on the behalf of the owner of a vessel in unfortunate circumstances. 


Don't buy a boat with out a Prepurchase Survey!


This survey is the most thorough and comprehensive survey we perform. Designed to provide the buyer of the vessel with the tools needed to make a informed decision.   Hull Integrity, mechanical propulsion systems, steering systems, electrical circuits, electronics, fuel systems, water tankage and pluming, waste systems, bonding system.

Power boat props

Sea trials and Bottom inspections

Taking the vessel out on the water gives us the opportunity to observe all system in action, engine running condition, hull performance, and power generation systems.  Taking the boat out of the water gives us the opportunity to look for damage, repairs, delamination, blisters, corrosion, and inspect the running gear and cutlass bearings.